About Anthos Sotnya

Anthos means, ‘to serve’, Sotnya, ‘the light’. I feel my purpose through my art is to inspire renewal through the breath of life.

Since 2009, inspired by my first experiences with Ayahuasca in Ecuador my creative expression has emerged into how it represents itself today. I receive divine inspiration on many levels, some of which translates into the art I offer here and through written word, music, storytelling and more recently vi’ing (visual jockey or veejay).

The symbols or language in my pieces is what I refer to as ‘light language’, a divine expression of self to communicate profound messages. It’s a world away from my previous life of corporate IT business.

My offering is art encoded to assist one to embrace one’s own divinity, celebrate life as ceremony and embody deep, resounding change within the self and impulse collective change.